Custom Waterpipe Deposit


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50% now and 50% upon shipping. (+$15 for shipping is divided up between each payment, $7.50 each time to total $15)

Custom 8" beaker with ice catcher. Your choice of white, black, or blue mouthpiece/stem for the base.

Add in notes the color scheme for flowers that you want, and any characters you want featured.

Customs are made in the order in which they are received- including my waitlist orders. Email me for an estimation on delivery time- or just be patient please!

If you want a different style base or any other specifications please email me at [email protected]

Resin pieces are SAFE to use when done PROPERLY! Make sure that you do NOT apply your lips past the mouthpiece! This resin coating is ‘food grade safe’ which only means it is safe for a few moments to touch something that you could ingest. Heat resistant- the resin can withstand up to 500° Fahrenheit for short periods- but should not be stored in a location any hotter than 115° Fahrenheit. Please make sure to ONLY heat your bowl/nail and take care not to touch the flame to the rest of the piece.

RECOMMENDED USE: Please be mindful when using resin pieces of the start and end of the resin decorating- if the glass starts to heat up close to where the resin starts it needs to be allowed to cool down to ensure no resin damage.

Resin pieces are safe to HAND WASH ONLY. You can use any type of cleaner that you would want on your piece to get all the grime out- just make sure to wash off the resin coat and hand dry before using again.